RCF Professional Active Bluetooth Speaker
RCF Professional Active Bluetooth Speaker

ART 910-AX is masterfully engineered to deliver stellar audio performance and versatility for intensive audio applications. The combination of a 1.75" compression driver, 10" woofer, two-channel 2100W amplifier, and the constant directivity True Resistive Waveguide produces coherent 100° x 60° coverage for the listening area with up to 130 dB SPL, distortion-free sound. Merging RCF proprietary FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control (BMC) DSP processing, perfectly tuned for each model, audiences will experience absolute clarity and deep, powerful bass response. The ART 910-AX combines a powerful and high-performance amplified speaker, with a digital audio processor for maximum flexibility. Several operating modes are possible, with the speaker alone or in combination with other speakers. Audio can be streamed to the speaker, along with remote control, via Bluetooth®. All the available functions and parameters are accessible from the onboard color display via a capacitive touch screen and an encoder, as well as from a dedicated app for iOS and Android smartphones.

-Built-in 6-channel Digital Mixer

- Advanced User Interface w/ touch panel and remote control

- 1.75" Compression Driver and 10" Woofer

- Up to 130 dB Sound Pressure Level

- 2100W Class-D Bi-Amplification

- Dual combo preamp with 48V Power and Mini-jack stereo line input

- Bluetooth® stereo audio input, with dual speaker pairing option

- True Resistive Waveguide, FiRPHASE, and Bass Motion Control