Yamaha SR-C20A SoundBar - Black
Yamaha SR-C20A SoundBar - Black

Why to buy Yamaha 100W Soundbar (SR-C20A) :

Virtual Surround Technology

With the sound bar placed under your TV, a virtual sound field is created to reproduce immersive sound effects so you can enjoy a fuller, richer presence just like a movie theater.

Virtual Surround Technology



All About That Bass

A built-in subwoofer combined with dual passive radiators provide a rich and spacious bass range. Use the Bass Extension feature for an extra bass boost.


All About That Bass




Clear Voice

Clear Voice makes dialogue and human voices more audible, even in movies and programs where background music and sound effects try to take center stage.




Clear Voice



Easy Wall-Mounting

In just minutes, you can install this sound bar and enjoy an instant upgrade to your sound. Simply place the sound bar under your TV or use the provided keyholes to mount it on your wall.



Easy Wall-Mounting



All you need is one connection. HDMI supporting ARC (Audio Return Channel) connects your TV and soundbar and with compatible TVs also allows you to control the soundbar with your TV remote.




Play Out Loud!

Game sound mode enhances your gaming experience by creating an immersive and detailed player environment.


Play Out Loud!

Be immersed with virtual surround sound technology.

With the unit placed under your screen, a virtual sound field is created to reproduce left, center, right and back sound effects, so you can enjoy a fuller rich presence just like a movie theater.

This compact sound bar incorporates a built-in 75mm (3 ") subwoofer unit and dual passive radiator. In addition, the "Bass Extension" enhances any bass signal to ensure a rich and powerful sound.

Have you ever found it difficult to hear voices or lines from announcements and song vocals?

With Yamaha's clear voice function, you can automatically distinguish human voices such as dialogue and narration from other sounds, increasing the volume of only human voices. Even in movies, dramas, news programs, and music where Back Ground Music and sound effects have been used abundantly, the human voice is clearer and easier to enjoy.


Information on Yamaha 100W SoundBar (SR-C20A):




Article Number


Model Number


Power Output


Supported Audio Formats

Dolby Digital / Dolby Pro Logic II




3.5mm, AUX, Bluetooth, HDMI




Optimized for conversations


1.76 kg


23-5/8" × 2-1/2" × 3-3/4"